Joe on a hike in the woods

Joe's SpinalStim Bone Growth Therapy Story

With the threat of never playing golf again and living with back pain for more than 25 years, Joe agreed to spinal fusion surgery. His physician prescribed the SpinalStim™ Bone Growth Therapy device to promote his bone healing.

“Now I can look around and enjoy nature, I can look at things that I passed up the last five years looking at, so it’s not just helped my back, it’s helped my soul”

Joe first injured his back during his 3rd football game of his senior year of high school. A downfield tackle left him feeling like half the defense landed on his back. However, knowing the doctor would pull him from playing, Joe kept his pain to himself-even through his college football career.

For more than 25 years, Joe lived in pain, which got worse and worse over the years. He got to the point where he could not grocery shop, play with his grandchildren, go to football games, or even sleep. Even though he knew he had damage to his spine, Joe tried to push through.

It wasn’t until he was playing golf one day and the yardage signs were getting blurry because of the pain, Joe decided he needed to seek help from a physician. With the threat of never being able to play again, he agreed that he needed spinal fusion surgery.

After learning that the SpinalStim bone growth therapy device has a 92 percent success rate in promoting the healing process after fusion surgery, Joe agreed to give it a try.

Today, whether he is back on the greens at the golf course or taking a hike in the woods, Joe is able to enjoy his life’s passions without any pain.

“Now I can look around, and I can enjoy nature. I can look at things that I passed up the last five years looking at. So it’s not just helped my back, it’s helped my soul.”

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