Doctor pointing to a skeletal spine

How PEMF Works

How it Works

Orthofix Bone Growth Therapy devices create a low-level pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), which helps activate the body’s natural healing process.1-3

The PEMF signal is produced from a coil built into a fabric garment that is worn over the fracture or fusion site. The garment can be worn over clothing, casts, or braces.

Published pre-clinical research shows that PEMF affects bone healing processes at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels.*7-9,15,16 

At the cellular level, the PEMF signal activates bone growth signaling pathways, which enhances bone formation by increasing both the population and maturity of the bone building cells.*7,15 At the tissue level this leads to stronger, higher density bone.*9,16

PEMF and the Healing Process

The result of these molecular, cellular and tissue processes is improved healing rates of a nonunion fracture or fusion.

PEMF device

Step 1 – PEMF

Creates low-level electrical field1

Rendering of molecules


Activates signaling pathways*7

Rendering of cells


Increases the number of bone cells and their maturity*15

Rendering of tissue

Step 4 – TISSUE

Increases bone strength and quality*9,16

About Bone Growth Therapy

Some patients who experience bone injuries and spinal fusion surgery have difficulty healing. In many of these cases, there are certain health factors that may have impaired the natural healing process of the bones.

When this occurs in patients with fractures, doctors may diagnose the condition as a nonunion, meaning the fracture has failed to show evidence of healing. Similarly, when this occurs in patients who have undergone spinal fusion surgery, doctors may determine that additional treatment options are necessary to get the vertebrae of the spine to properly fuse.

To help overcome these healing challenges, doctors commonly prescribe a treatment called bone growth therapy.

When bone is broken or bent, it generates an electrical field. This low-level electrical field is part of the body’s natural process that stimulates bone healing. When this healing process fails to occur naturally, bone growth therapy can be used to help the process.1-3

Orthofix Bone Growth Therapy devices provide a safe, noninvasive treatment that helps promote healing in fractured bones and spinal fusions that have not healed or have difficulty healing. The devices stimulate the bone’s natural healing process by sending low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the injury or fusion site.4-9

The devices stimulate the natural healing process of bone by sending low‑level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the injury or fusion site.