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For Physicians: Bone Growth Stimulator Devices

Why do Physicians Prescribe Orthofix Bone Growth Therapy Devices?

Orthofix is committed to improved outcomes with high clinical success rates provided by our Bone Growth Therapy devices with next generation technology introduced to the bone growth stimulation market. Orthofix provides avenues to enhance patient involvement in their recovery process and partners with physicians outcomes and patient recovery.

We support our commitment to improved outcomes for you as a provider and for your bone growth therapies patients in the following ways:

Proven Effective Therapy:

  • High clinical success rates.1-7
  • Statistically significant results for patients who have difficulty healing or with comorbidities. 1-7
  • No. 1 prescribed bone growth stimulators.
  • FDA approved and prescribed since mid-1980s.

Anatomically Designed:

  • Single-piece, cordless design that allows for ease of placement and patient mobility.
  • Effective delivery of treatment when worn over clothing, casts and boots.
  • 360 degrees of PEMF treatment around the fusion or fracture site that evenly penetrates across tissue, bone and fixation.16,17,20
  • Coverage up to five vertebral levels.16

Commitment to Outcomes:

  • NASS coverage recommendations support the use of PEMF stimulation as an adjunct to spinal fusion surgery in high-risk patients.21

Orthofix Bone Growth Therapy devices are accompanied by the STIM onTrack
mobile app.

The app includes features that:

  • Enable physicians to remotely view patient adherence to their prescription.
  • Engage patients in their recovery process through treatment calendars, therapy reminders and educational resources.
  • Include daily treatment reminders and device usage calendars to help patients stay on schedule with their treatments.
  • Allow the sharing of treatment data and patient-reported outcome measure questionnaire (PROM) responses with physicians to assist in understanding your current treatment progress and overall recovery status.**
  • Provide links to educational patient resources and connecting patients with our Patient Care team to help ensure patients understand their treatment regimens.

**Information collected via the STIM onTrack mobile app is not intended for the diagnosis of diseases or other conditions, or the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

STIM onTrack App - Telehealth Solution

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NASS Coverage Recommendations

Support the use of PEMF stimulation as an adjunct to spinal fusion surgery in high-risk patients.

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Helping Connect Physicians to their Patient’s Recovery Remotely

Patient usage of the STIM onTrack mobile app in conjunction with their Bone Growth Therapy device enables their physician remote visibility of patient adherence to their prescription and responses of reported outcome measures via the Orthofix DIRECT Physician Portal

To learn more about the STIM onTrack mobile app, click below

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How PEMF Works Video

Orthofix Bone Growth Therapy devices provide a safe and effective non-surgical PEMF treatment to improve fracture healing and fusion success rates by impacting bone healing at the molecular, cellular and tissue level.4-9

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