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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Keep Your Patients Connected to You During the Healing Process

Orthofix DIRECT™ and the STIM onTrack™ mobile application uses advanced, innovative technology to connect physicians and patients when using bone healing solutions, regardless of where they are located. Orthofix DIRECT and STIM onTrack are virtual care solutions that use digital technologies to capture and record health data from patients and electronically transmits this information to physicians for remote viewing to monitor treatment and when necessary, recommendations and instructions.

The Recovery Experience with Orthofix

Fusions and Nonunion Fractures

Bones are the framework for your body. After a bone injury occurs, the body has a tremendous capability to heal the damage to the bone on its own given sufficient time and treatment that may include casts, realignment, and surgery. Sometimes, however, bone healing does not occur without problems. Bone growth stimulators are a supplemental form of therapy to help enhance the body’s bone healing process and may be prescribed by your doctor following spinal fusion surgery or a fracture to achieve a successful bone fusion.

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Why Physicians Prescribe Bone Growth Therapy

The Orthofix bone growth therapy devices have been approved by the FDA for nearly 40 years clinical studies show their high success rates in patients who have had spinal fusion surgery or experienced a fracture, and are the #1 prescribed bone growth therapy device on the market!

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Script to Fit

If a physician prescribes an Orthofix bone growth therapy device, an experienced Orthofix representative will contact the patient and be with them every step of the way to ensure they are educated on how the device works, insurance requirements, and support them through the recovery program.

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STIM onTrack

Each Orthofix Bone Growth Therapy device* is equipped with our STIM onTrack mobile application. STIM onTrack is an easy-to-navigate app that provides daily treatment reminders, a device usage calendar to help patients stay on schedule with their treatments, daily treatment reminders, sharing of treatment data, and patient-reported outcome measure questionnaires to assist in understanding the patient’s current treatment progress and overall recovery status.

*STIM onTrack is currently available for SpinalStim™, CervicalStim™, and PhysioStim™ models at this time

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Keep Moving, Keep Healing

Orthofix Bone Growth Therapy is here to support patients through their journey to bone healing. Our natural bone healing solutions will get the patient moving and on the road to recovery.

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The benefits of Orthofix DIRECT when paired with STIM onTrack include an increase in patient convenience and comfort with access to reminders, treatment calendars, information and resources. This virtual care solution also provides monitoring of spinal fusion procedures and fracture management through Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs). Patients and their surgeon’s use of Orthofix Direct and STIM onTrack can support improvement in bone healing between visits by providing insight to medical professionals from data collection and patient interaction with their Bone Growth Therapy device.

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STIM onTrack™ mobile app

STIM onTrack mobile app is a new application for mobile devices that works with the latest generation CervicalStim™, SpinalStim™, and PhysioStim™ bone growth therapy devices. Designed for use with smartphones and other mobile devices, the STIM onTrack mobile app provides tools designed to help patients adhere to their prescriptions and improve their clinical outcomes.